Thursday, December 10, 2009

Your Lovely Wreck Is Wrecked

T-minus 21 % and counting...

Here's a special ad from Chevy which appeared when I was viewing Ever since this site was taken over by the Cheezeburger people, it hasn't been the same. Something snarky has disappeared. Now an SUV has crashed onto the page and I can't remove it.

This is the screen as I see it when I visit. How much of this page am I interested in viewing? I calculated it as 21%. Less than 1 in 4 pixels are of interest to me. That's before the SUV drove over the corner of the listing photo.

In the upper right corner of the Chevy ad is a "CLOSE [X]" control. It doesn't work. I click the control and the ad remains. I click it again and again and eventually a new window opens up and I'm at the Chevy site. The original window? Yeah, I'm stuck with the damned ad overwriting the only thing on this page I'm here to see. Thus, the wreck is wrecked.

Another calculation and I see that I'm down to 19% of the screen having any interest to me. Signal to noise ratio is now less than 1 in 5 pixels of the window.

I'd complain to the Cheezeburger people, but who the hell cares over there? They're a corporation. Corporations don't care. I like this site back when it was run by one very funny person with a personal interest in the site. Now that she's gone...? The content is still funny, but the wreck is not.

UPDATE: She cares! She really really cares! I've been told by by the lovely Sara that she's still very much involved in writing for the site. Maybe my knowing that its a Cheezeburger site has jaded my view since the takeover. Well, Sara assures me that the Cheeezeburger people are taking these blowups seriously and are looking into it. Yay Sara!

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