Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sprint Goes Kanye On Hoover


I submit, for your consideration, the static ad bar at the blog "There, I Fixed It." It's a quiet affair. It won't go away, but it does mind it's own business. I support this sort of advertising as it doesn't get in the way of my viewing of blog content. Will I buy a Hoover product in the future? When the time comes, they'll be on my mind.

Sprint, however, won't let Hoover get a word in edgewise. Just look at it! An animated top banner roll-over blow-up ad that blocks my viewing of whatever it is on the static ad bar. Sprint doesn't piss me off the way other inflatable ads do, but only because they're blocking other ads, not the blog content itself. They're pushy, but only Hoover should be mad.

So what's up with advertising today? I go a good long while waiting to catch them doing this and I'm hit twice in a row with blog inflatables? Must be the shopping season. They're getting desperate.

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